Is anniversary near? It is a great opportunity to appreciate what you have, recall great memories, spread joy all around you and to get nice things from your loved ones, too! So, what are the best anniversary quotes you can use to wish someone a good anniversary? Some pieces here are funny, others profound, but all these are heartfelt. So, without much further ado, enjoy them!

24 Spectacular Anniversary Quotes

It is lovely being a part of someone's forever, right?

The secret to remembering all those dates!

Sometimes, the simple way to put it is the best way to put it.

The list of a happy marriage!

It's prickly, but it's mine, and I'm all yours!

And a quote on our list!

Speak out this with a beautiful bouquet!

Care each other more!


For all the chemistry buffs!

Now this is a cute as a button!

The only way to go!

How can you stay mad at him?

Isn't this cute?

Most beautiful words! One of the best anniversary quotes I love!

Love is when you can enjoy someone's presence in silence.

For ever and ever.

The best thing I can give to you is always there by your side. 

Powdered sugar to my cherry pie!

In marriage, joy is multiplied and sorrow halved.

Wish granted!

Written by a smart woman or an annoyed husband!

Treat your significant other like you're celebrating anniversaries every day!

A happy life bundle pack!

Best anniversary quotes are like living waters that enhance the joy that is at hand. Use them to make your dear laugh in this special moment. Or share it with the world!


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