Everyone has an opinion about how to raise children to grow up and be the best humans possible, but there is no one set rule book that works the same for every child. There are some early childhood theorist quotes that just shine a light on that. Whether you are an educator or a parent or a guardian, these quotes are sure to speak to you.

The Best Quotes from Early Childhood Theorist

Let them succeed on their own.

What every teacher should be teaching.

Anything and everything can have an imprint.

Creativity should be a tool to expand a child’s horizon.

How do you make the world less cruel?

Teaching a child how to think for themselves allows them to make their own decisions.

Allow children to use what they have to explore the world.

Be mindful about how you use reinforcement, not how much of it you use.

Relationships will form the foundation for learning of your children.

Watch how a child plays and you can learn how much they know.

Children who are allowed to take risks will grow more confidence.

What did your child teach you?

It’s important to let children play.

Help children through their distress not bad behavior.

Some early childhood theorist quotes like this one will definitely have you thinking.

Let your children play!

Not just care about the result, consider your children's creative behavior in the process. 

Always show you care.

The important point of childhood is to develop at their own pace.

What children learn in history books is just as important as how they learn to treat the things around them.

Children should be allowed to make their own choices.

What a child learns is greatly due to what and who they interact with. These early childhood theorist quotes offer a greater insight into just how important it is to allow kids to have fun, play and learn at their own pace. What do you think about early childhood?


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