Helen Adams Keller is one of the bravest and most optimistic women ever born. Being a deaf blind never became a hurdle in her endless spirit and passion. She was the first person to earn a degree of bachelor of arts. She has been a source of motivation and inspiration for millions of girls and women. She has worked as a lecturer, political activist and American Author. Here are the best Helen Keller quotes to learn important life lessons.

22 Best Quotes by Helen Keller


Abstract beauty needs to be realized by the soul. You have to feel it by your heart because you cannot touch or see it physically.


Journey of life is difficult to handle alone. Being with friends can lead you to bright outcome rather than living alone.


Always be optimistic and think of the good in every event and you can go past every hard time.


Hope and confidence are the most important and powerful elements that you need in order to achieve any goal. Be optimistic and things will work out in your favor.


United we stand and alone we fall. If we integrate our efforts and strengths, we can do wonders that seem impossible doing alone.


Live your life as if it is an enjoyable event, experience all the phases, otherwise you haven’t lived. You have just passed the days of your life.


Being physically blind may not be your fault but having no vision in your mind is certainly your fault.


Love is a feeling that makes all the surroundings beautiful as a lush garden.


Thinking leads to thoughts of end results which are not very favorable. But humans need to think!


It doesn’t matter you experience the dangers or avoid them. Both brave and coward have to face the difficulties.


Everything that we see and feel has a meaning in it. You will learn about different meanings at some stage in life.


My disabilities or limitations don’t pull me down. Maybe we long for more at times, but the predominant factor is hope and confidence that I have in myself.


The apathy of human being is an incurable error.


We always become what we like. We always develop in ourselves, a small factor of the things that we love.


Satisfying yourself is never going to make you happy from inside. You need to develop a bigger purpose and do something big for eternal happiness.


Love makes life happier and the memories of beloved friends helps us in keep going on in life.


There is no such thing like security. You need to be challenging and bold and face the problems and experience the danger.


In order to get inspired, strengthen yourself and achieve your purpose, you have to learn the taste of defeat and the hurdles in path.


Facing difficulties and living in hard circumstances can help you survive through the worst times and get over biggest losses.


We have to learn about the source of true happiness. You need to do something worthy, something big. Satisfying yourself only will never serve the purpose.


All such people who base their happiness on worthless things can never be interested.


Life is a really nice and beautiful but it is even more lovable if you live for others. Everyone lives for himself, make a difference and live for others. One of the Helen Keller quotes about having a big heart.


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