The world can often be a cold, cruel place. However, it is also a place where the divine spark of love is keeping us going. That is why we have set up this list – you are loved quotes presented here are intended to remind you what’s truly important in life. Love is kind, love relieves pain, it serves all people, it costs nothing in enriching many. Which one of these touches those tender strings within your own heart?

Quotes About You Are Loved to Keep You Moving on

As the saying goes - absence makes the heart grow fonder!

Love is oftentimes a source of many virtues.

Who knows it better than one of the wisest people who ever lived?

No wonder the family is called the great school of love!

Oh how true this is - it makes your entire face radiant.

Simple math - serving love since forever!

If it isn't forever, it was never real.

The love is the nutrients everyone needs.

Extremely wise words from a seemingly children's book! If you are loved, you are one of the richest persons!

How can we love others as ourselves if we don't love ourselves to begin with?

So true...

How long does true love last? You will be always loved by your partner and he or she will always love you. 

True love goes beyond our petty weaknesses! I think this is one of the sweetest you are loved quotes. 

There is no rhyme or reason in love, nor there should be.

Love is the most underappreciated everyday miracle.

Love blooms in deeds, not words.

Truly, there can be no greater blessing.

Love - the great motivator. 

You will get so much strength stems from this!

There can be no greater wealth....

We hope you have enjoyed our You Are Loved Quotes list! Remember - love multiplies by itself - so if you found you are loved, spread the love by loving others. What is your favorite you are loved quote? Did we include it, and if not, would you share it with us?


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